PPC Advertising

  • What is Pay Per Click?

    Pay Per Click, which is commonly referred as PPC, is the powerful form of internet marketing where the advertisers pay the fees every time, when one or more of their ads gets clicked by a user. Generally, it is the novel way of purchasing visitors to your website rather than trying hard to obtain such visitors in an organic fashion.

    Search engine advertising is one among the highly renowned types ofPay Per Click. It lets the advertisers to place the bids for the placement of adson the sponsored links of the popular search engines when an online user makes a search with the keyword, which is connected with their business services or products.

  • PPC Management

    Making use of popular platforms such as Bing Ads and Google AdWords are very essential for the businesses. Our experts are certified inPPC or Pay Per Click marketing, and can take your business accounts to great heights. They can create customized strategies and offer reportsfor meeting the business demands.

    We offer expert guidance and timely support that is essential any business to thrive and meet their short and long term business goals, such as improving the ROI orReturn On Investment,to promote the leads, or creating better brand awareness.


    • PPC Audits
      We ensure that our PPC Audit process begins right from getting a better idea about the audit objectives, business coverage areasto the analysis of market data.
    • Bing Advertising
      We possess an efficient Bing ads agency team which has members who are experts and fully trained to help our clients reap maximum benefits from the PPC platform of Bing.
    • Social Advertising
      Our social advertising services will offer expert help with paid social campaigns which are aimed at driving the targeted audience toward the business to convert in to desired moves.
    • Display Advertising
      We make sure that the display ads target your audience, who already have an interest over your new or existing products or services.
    • Google AdWords
      When you hire us, enjoy the benefits of having a full-time AdWords professional at your disposal without having to spend on another specialist.
    • Remarketing & Retargeting
      Promotes your ROI and improves the conversions with effective marketing to the visitors who visited your company site earlier.

    Our Pay Per Click Campaign In Brief:

    Our PPC / Pay Per Click management service consists of the components mentioned below:

    • Bid management and ROI tracking
    • PPC search campaign strategy
    • Landing page optimization and development
    • Ad creative development
    • Campaign management and analysis
    • Keyword research and selection
    • Campaign set-up
  • Deliverables
    We offer exhaustive reports each month about the success rate of your campaign's related to the choice of the keywords, choice of text or content and we develop a report with rank to help you realize the organic rank of your business for the keywords you paid. In addition, as soon as you make the review of our report, we shall make a phone call that is one hour long to interact with your business team to convey them about the progress of the PPC campaign, the direction of the campaign and offer reply to any queries they might have.