MLM Software Development Company in Nagpur, Raipur, Mumbai, Pune & Delhi India

MLM software or Multi-level Marketing Software is used as a marketing strategy for the sale of goods and services. This also goes by the name of Network Marketing, Pyramid Selling and Referral Marketing. This marketing strategy allows an admin user to manage all the users within a particular network and also work on compensation plan. Multi-level Marketing Software is a kind of direct sale in which individuals can trade their products and services to an end customer. There are many MLM Software Development Company in India that provides even the end-users to search through the network about the company’s status, income, payouts and even manage their referrals. The multi-level feature allows every representative to recruit and also train other representatives. They can even earn commission on their respective sales. Integrated and comprehensive set of MLM tools are used to match with the customer’s requirements. There are several MLM Software Company in Nagpur that offers all these aspects as a marketing strategy. The user-friendly interface of the software is one of the key aspects of the software. Every detail like Homepage, Business plan page, contact us page, news, Achiever’s list can be changed and set by the user as per the company policy. Web Stack Technologies also offer their services widely in other major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Raipur and Pune.

Popular Types of Multi-level Marketing Software Plan

Almost all the MLM Software Company in India uses automated web-based software to confront the various challenging MLM issues. All types of plans are integrated or customised according to the customer’s requirements. The following are some of the widely used MLM plans:

1. MLM Binary Plan

MLM Binary Plan is the most popular among the various MLM plans. It is suitable for those who want to start their own Multi-level Marketing Software business and even the business marketers, part-timers and MLM business individuals. MLM Binary Plan Software is based on tree structure that has two legs network growth- one on the left side and the other on the right. These are named as Power leg and Profit leg.

In MLM Binary Plan, the growing process of the Power leg continues as the existing member of the tree starts recruiting new members. They are added to the tree in the leaf position. The Profit leg grows as the members introduce for self-benefit. There are other concepts like 1:1, 1:2, 2:1 for binary compensation distribution that is also followed. This capping concept is essential so that the access payment of the members can be stopped if required.

Advantages of MLM Binary Plan

The MLM Binary Plan is quite advantageous for the different MLM Software Company in India. The Multi-level Marketing Software that follows the binary capping concept can experience the following profit:

  • With every new recruit in the tree, the upline members get benefitted
  • To get benefitted in the binary plan, a member needs to focus on the profit leg
  • It is a team effort that allows the down–line to get benefitted from the sales of the upline

2. Uni-Level Plan

The most simple of all the plans in the MLM industry is the Uni-Level Plan. A lot of MLM Software Company in Nagpur follows this simplest concept. This plan allows each member to add new members in the front line. New members can be recruited in any width where the commission is distributed according to a fixed limited depth.

Advantages of MLM Uni-Level Plan

  • It is easier to explain to new members for its simple concept
  • The Compensation level can be customised by the company according to their will
  • At any level, Bonuses and Rewards can be easily integrated

3. MLM Board Plan Software

This is considered to be one of the widely used International MLM plan and is even widely followed in various MLM Software Company in India. It is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan that works in an affiliated group or team called as Board. A particular board is formed with a fixed number of affiliates which is further divided into two sub-boards. The top affiliated of the board gets incentive that makes him or her promoted to the next higher board. The number of members or affiliates can be set by the MLM Company. There are chances of integration of unlimited Board income. The company can even customise auto splitting of boards. There is also the feature of recycling entry system into the board. Cross matrix and Auto promotion to higher boards are some of its special features. One can also find qualified board list report.

4. MLM Matrix Plan Software

MLM Matrix Plan Software has other names too- Ladder Plan or Forced MLM Matrix Plan. The tree is designed in pyramid pattern having fixed width and depth. In this MLM Plan, members are liable to get compensated as they recruit newcomers at any level set by the company. Some of the MLM Software Company in Nagpur precisely uses this concept for gaining a lot of benefits.

The Multi-level Marketing Software Company can create tree structure with 3 in width and 5 in depth. This symbolizes that every member can add 3 new recruit in the front line that leads to a benefit up to the 5 levels. As the plan has limited width, motivating the downline can help in the considerable growth of the network.

Advantages of Matrix MLM Plan

  • Gets an integrated compensation plan
  • Active work of the downline members benefit the upline members
  • It is easier to understand and explain to others
  • It is flexible and thus the Matrix tree can be customised according to their compensation plan

5. Sunflower MLM Plan

Numerous MLM Software Company in India has chosen Sunflower MLM Plan due to its simpler concept. In this MLM Plan every existing member can recruit new members in their level structure or front line. The commission is distributed up to a fixed level or depth depending on the MLM compensation plan. MLM Company can also offer the registered members the benefit of Rewards and Bonuses or incentives as they fulfil their declared level targets. Quite a few MLM Software Company in Nagpur prefers the Sunflower MLM Plan due to the following advantages:

Advantages of Sunflower MLM Plan

  • Simpler to understand
  • Compensation level can be customised
  • Integrated rewards and bonuses are added at any level or front line

6. Generation Plan

Generation Plan is also known as the MLM Repurchase Plan or Gap Commission Plan. Manufacturing companies prefer this concept as it is based on selling products. Unlimited depth is available that gives the opportunity to produce more money than any other plan in the MLM industry. The companies can even save their capital that they might need to spend on the marketing. The agents act as the advertisers as a part of direct marketing that becomes more convincing to the consumers than the TV commercials. MLM Software Company in India that works for manufacturing companies provides this concept.

E-commerce with Repurchase Plan

This is also Generation Plan. MLM Software Company in Nagpur provides this plan mainly to the companies who are meant for manufacturing and product–selling and prefer direct marketing. These MLM companies even offer e-commerce for the brand integrated with the MLM software. All the records are kept at one place which makes the report generation and receipt generation easier.